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I MADE A SHORT FILM! [LINK] by ManAlmostWithoutFear I MADE A SHORT FILM! [LINK] :iconmanalmostwithoutfear:ManAlmostWithoutFear 4 0
Silver The Hedgehog Makes DEATH BATTLE No Use!

Name: Silver the Hedgehog
Aka: Silver
Age: 16
Occupation: Time Traveler/Freedom Fighter
Height: 3'3"
Weight: 77 lbs
Species: Hedgehog

• Has Fought Both Sonic And Shadow To A Standstill
• Has Defeated Iblis
• Defeated Solaris With The Help Of Sonic And Shadow
• Saved His Future From The Apocalypse
• Defeated Eggman Nega
• Leader Of The Secret Freedom Fighters
• Defeated Enerjak, The Strongest Being In The Sonic Universe

• Chaos Control
- Increases Speed For Some Time
- Teleportation
• Chronos Control
- Can Time Travel (With A Time Stone)
• Grab-All
- Can Stun Levitating Opponents
• Telekinesis
- Can Lift Up To 3 tons
• Flight
- Maximum Speed: 70
:iconmanalmostwithoutfear:ManAlmostWithoutFear 26 29
Trunks Protects The Future Of DEATH BATTLE!

Name: Trunks Briefs
Aka: Future Trunks
Age: 21
Occupation: Z-Fighter
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 132 lbs
Species: Human/Saiyan

• Easily Defeated Mecha Frieza and King Cold
• Took Down Androids 17 And 18 In The Future
• Took Out Cell In The Same Time Line
• Became Part Of The Time Patrol, A Group Dedicated To Protecting Time Itself

• Mechanical Skills From Bulma
• Martial Arts From Future Gohan
• Super Saiyan Forms From Vegeta
Ki Manipulation:

• Flight
- The Ability To Fly Using Ki
• Ki Blast
- The Most Basic Form Of Energy Wave
• Ki Sense
- Trunks Can Sense Life Energy
Ki Attacks:

• Burning Attack
- His Signature Attack
:iconmanalmostwithoutfear:ManAlmostWithoutFear 29 16
Gideon Graves Gives DEATH BATTLE The Glow!

Name: Gideon Gordon Graves
Aka: The 7th Evil Ex-Boyfriend
Age: 31
Occupation: Asshole
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 155 lbs
Species: Human

• Self-Made Millionaire, Genius, And Inventor
• Invented Subspace And The Glow
• (Briefly) Killed Scott Pilgrim
• Almost Killed Ramona Flowers
• Master Swordsman And Hand-To-Hand Combatant
The Power Of Love:

• Sword Stolen From Scott
• As Name Suggests, Powered By Love And Determination
• Equivalent To A Katana

• Doors Scattered Around The USA And Canada That Allows Brief Teleportation
• Gideon Can Put Them Anywhere He Wants
• Here, He Can Control Reality Itself And Amplify His Strength And Abilities Infinitely
"The Glow":
:iconmanalmostwithoutfear:ManAlmostWithoutFear 14 19
Krillin Gets Owned In DEATH BATTLE!

Name: Krillin
Aka: Kuririn
Age: 38
Occupation: Z-Fighter
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 99 lbs
Species: Human

• Strongest Human In Dragon Ball
• Almost Killed Nappa And Frieza
• Killed 4 Saibamen
• Has Died 4 Times (Not Sure Why This Is A Feat)
• Has Helped With Killing Every Main Villain
• Married Android #18 And Somehow Had A Human Child (Fuck Logic)

• Monks
-Basic Martial Arts
• Muten Roshi
-Developed Superhuman Strength, Speed, Agility, Basic Ki
• Kami & Popo
-Senses, Meditation, Precision, Advanced Ki
• Guru
-Unlocked Full-Potential
Basic Attacks:

• Best Headbutt
• Balloon Technique
• Farting (Yes, That Is An Attack)
• Afterimage
:iconmanalmostwithoutfear:ManAlmostWithoutFear 21 29
The Big Rig Is Always Winner In DEATH BATTLE!

Name: Big Rig
Aka: Big Motherfuckin' Rig
Age: Unknown (Probably Eternal)
Occupation: Delivery Truck
Height: Unknown (About 13 ft)
Weight: Unknown (6001-10000 lbs)
Species: Truck

• Star Of The Worst Video Game Ever Made, If You Can Even Call It That
• Breaks Any And Every Rule Of Physics
• Exists Outside The Bounds Of Reality
• Can Be Anywhere And Everywhere
• It's Always Winner

•Maximum Speed Is Calculated To Be 12.3 Undecillion Miles Per Hour
- Approximately 18.3 Octillion Times The Speed Of Light
• The Current Universe Is Estimated To Be About 92 Billion Lightyears In Diameter
- If This Is True, Then That Means The Big Rig Can Travel Across The Universe In Roughly 160 Picosecond
:iconmanalmostwithoutfear:ManAlmostWithoutFear 21 88
Earthworm Jim Thinks DEATH BATTLE Is Groovy!

Name: Jim
Aka: Earthworm Jim
Age: Unknown (Early 20's)
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Height: Unknown (He's A Worm)
Weight: Unknown (Still A Worm)
Species: Earthworm

•Regularly Defeats Threats Far Stronger Than Him, Usually From Complete Luck 
- Including Bob The Killer Goldfish
• Can Grab A Chain With His Head And Swing Himself Across It
• Can Glide By Swinging His Head Like A Helicopter Propeller
• Has A Ray Gun Which Fires Rapidly
-Normally Uses It To Zaps Evil Crows
• Has A "Pocket Rocket" He Can Use To Zip Around
• He Can Manipulate His Own Mucus
• Has A Big Gun That Can Destroy Anything Close To Him
- The Force Of It Knocks Him Out
• Can Inflate H
:iconmanalmostwithoutfear:ManAlmostWithoutFear 18 11
Mature content
Eminem Makes DEATH BATTLE Lose Itself! :iconmanalmostwithoutfear:ManAlmostWithoutFear 14 16
Space Dandy Gets Randy For DEATH BATTLE, Baby!

Name: Dandy
Aka: Space Dandy/Blockhead
Age: Late 20's/Early 30's
Occupation: Alien Hunter
Height: 5'10'' (6'2'' in boots)
Weight: Unknown
Species: Human/Deity

• Survived Multiple Deaths And Even Zombification Across Several Dimensions
• Has Met Some Of The Rarest Aliens In Existence
• Has Tried The Legendary Phantom Space Ramen
• Has Unknowingly Outwitted The Golgol Empire Multiple Times
• Surfed Across Time Itself
• Was Offered The Chance To Become God
- Turned It down Because It Would Be Harder To Enjoy Boobies Without An Actual Body

• Excellent Pilot
• Professional Surfboarder
• Gifted Dancer
Space Surfboard:

• Capable of Space Travel
• Indestructible
:iconmanalmostwithoutfear:ManAlmostWithoutFear 14 15
Judge Dredd Is The Law Of DEATH BATTLE!

Name: Joseph Dredd
Aka: Judge Dredd
Age: Unknown (Possibly Late 30's)
Occupation: Law Government Officer
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200 lbs
Species: Human/Clone Of Eustace T. Fargo

• Saved Mega City One Several Times
• Fought And Defeated A Variety Of Enemies - Robots, Thugs, Mercenaries, Bounty Hunters, And Mutants
• Teamed Up with Batman And Lobo
• Survived Run-Ins With Both The Predators And The Xenomorphs
• Defeated The Dark Judges, A Group Of Evil Judges From An Alternate Universe 

• Bionic Eyes: 
- Replaced His Ripped-Out Eyed
- 20/20 Night Vision
- Reduced Blinking Rate
• Expert in All Forms of Combat, Including...
- Unarmed
- Armed
- Hand-To-Hand
- Martial Arts
• Expert Marksman
:iconmanalmostwithoutfear:ManAlmostWithoutFear 32 11
Ra's Al Ghul Mentors DEATH BATTLE!

Name: Ra's Al Ghul
Aka: The Demon
Age: Unknown (Thousands Of Years Old)
Occupation: Leader Of The League Of Assassins
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 175lbs
Species: Human

• Leads The League Of Assassins
• Taught Batman To Fight & Use Stealth
• Has Bested Batman In Combat Multiple Times
• Discovered Batman's Secret Plans To Defeat The Justice League
- Did Just That (With Help Of Course)
• Briefly Ran Lexcorp
• Helped Train Damien Wayne, The Fourth Robin
- Also Assisted In Killing & Cloning Him
• In Batman: Arkham City, Ra's Helped Hugo Strange Set Up Protocol 10, Made To Kill All Prisoners (Including Batman)
• Much More Durable Then Most Humans
- Took A Stab To The Gut From Batman And Still Managed To Talk
• In Arrow, Defeated Oliver Queen In A
:iconmanalmostwithoutfear:ManAlmostWithoutFear 31 8
Death Battle: Ryu Vs JoJo

Image by ManAlmostWithoutFear
Image by ManAlmostWithoutFear
Image by ManAlmostWithoutFear
Matt: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's end this debate and for a...
*Cap walks in carrying a protein shake and a steak*
Matt: ...Cap, what are you doing?
Cap: Hey, I'm not gonna miss a fight THIS manly! *holds up his steak* I mean, come on, the STEAKS couldn't be higher! *chuckles*
Matt: *smacks Cap upside the head* You deserved that and you know it.
Cap: Totally worth it.
Matt: Anyways, let's end this debate once and for all.
Image by ManAlmostWithoutFear
Cap: IT'S TI
:iconmanalmostwithoutfear:ManAlmostWithoutFear 52 103
Prelude: Ryu Vs JoJo

(Similar to :icondimension-dino:'s Zack Vs Archer, this fight will have a different type of commentary. Instead of having two different hosts, this fight will involve only one. In this case, it's Matt. But for those who are disappointed, don't worry. Cap will return for the next battle. With that said, hope you enjoy.)
What, or who, is a hero?
A hero (according to Wikipedia at least) is someone who in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, displays courage, bravery, or self-sacrifice for a greater good.
Throughout the world of fiction, there have been millions of men and women who have claimed the title of "hero". However, the two who enter the arena today, wear that title like a shiny golden badge.
They go above and beyond in their heroics, and despite their faults, have gone from being men to becoming legends. Whether in their own universe or in ours, these two have defined a generation.
Ryu Hoshi, The First St
:iconmanalmostwithoutfear:ManAlmostWithoutFear 19 39
Death Battle: Daredevil Vs Batman

Matt: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all.

Setting: New York City Rooftops
"Man, just keep holding the money!"
Six masked men were running and jumping across the tops of NY's largest buildings. The man in front had a large sac wrapped around his shoulder, with several hundred dollar bills flying out. "You try to hold it when you're being chased by...", the man began to shout before he was cut off. "Being chased by the devil himself?", another voice said from the distance.
The six men looked up as their faces expressed pure horror, knowing exactly who that face came from. Or, more accurately, what. He was "The Man Without Fear", but he certainly knew how to use it to his advantage. Daredevil cracked his neck and circled his shoulders. "You know... I
:iconmanalmostwithoutfear:ManAlmostWithoutFear 45 59
Prelude: Daredevil Vs Batman
Matt: While in most cases there are two sides to every coin, in the world of fighting crime, there are three.
Cap: There are "The Saints", the people who work within the law on almost all levels, but they just so happen not to wear a badge.
Matt: The opposite are "The Anarchists", who will use any means necessary to make sure that the world they want is the world they get.
Cap: And finally, there are what seem to be the most popular of the three. While these guys may have moral codes to follow in order to keep themselves in check, they'll be more than willing to step out of the line of the law. And these, my dear readers, are "The Vigilantes".
Matt: Like Matt Murdock, The Daredevil...
Cap: ...And Bruce Wayne, The Batman.
Matt: I'm Matt, and he's Cap.
Cap: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... A DEATH BATTLE.
NAME: Matt Murdock
AKA: Daredevil
AGE: 30
HEIGHT: 6ft 0in
WEIGHT: 200 lbs
:iconmanalmostwithoutfear:ManAlmostWithoutFear 24 40
Death Battle: The Punisher Vs Solid Snake

Matt: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all.

Setting: New York, New York
(Several Thousand Feet Above Ground)

[Call]- 141.12
Snake: Otacon, can you read me?
Otacon: Loud and clear, Snake. Are you near the drop off?
Snake: Yeah. Remind me what I'm doing here, if you can.
Otacon: Simple. You're being carried to an apartment complex which contains data from Foxhound, and a possible associate. Get the data, get out, and... Try not to get detected. Please? We don't need a repeat of the "Cardboard Tank Incident".
Snake: Don't remind me.
Otacon: Oh... And there's... One more thing...
Snake: Huh?
Otacon: For this mission, you won't be able to get any outside help. That includes the codec.
Snake: What? Wh...
Otacon: Sorry Snake... Colonel's orders... Good lu
:iconmanalmostwithoutfear:ManAlmostWithoutFear 49 86


OH MY GOD!!! Old Joseph Joestar's in DEATH BATTLE!

Height: 6 ft
Weight: 213 lbs
First Appearance: Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendency - Chapter 45
-Prior to Part 3 defeated the Pillar Men, including the Ultimate Lifeform Kars
-Seems to have pretty high connections with the Speed Wagon Foundation
    -However its not confirmed if he actually runs it
-Pretty built for a 67 year old
-Convinced his grandson Jotaro to get out of jail
-Helped lead the Stardust Crusaders to Egypt in order to find and defeat DIO
-Has fought or at least helped fight several Stand Users over the course of the third Part
-Defeated the Stand Empress
-Alongside Avdol defeated one of the 9 Glory Gods, Mariah
-Helped Jotaro figure out the secret to Dio's Stand
-Because of him we got Josuke Higashikata
-Has survived 4 plane crashes

-Can lift and swing both Kakyoin and Polnareff through the air
    -Their combined wei
:iconmr-pepsi-and-pizza:Mr-Pepsi-and-Pizza 14 4
Higashikata Jo2uke plunders Death Battle!

Higashikata Josuke = Higashikata Jo2ke = Gappy = Kira Yoshikage + Kujo Josefumi (It's...bizarre.)
Age: 19
Gender: Male X 2
Nationality: Japanese
Favorite Food: Large fries

Strength & Speed
- All fairly normal...?
- I mean, people in later parts of JoJo aren't as Kenshiro as Jonathan or Joseph so...

Hand to hand combat
- Shown multiple times to be excellent at it
- Easily bested the Apex brothers in close combat without his stand
- Extreme glutton for punishment like all JoJo characters
- Like still kicking after having his eyes frozen
- Before getting stabbed with a pencil

- OW.

- Likes to be compressed
  * ...a certain lesbian Am
:iconjamesbreaker15:jamesbreaker15 17 5
Willow - Don't Starve by Spawn-Of-Satan-666 Willow - Don't Starve :iconspawn-of-satan-666:Spawn-Of-Satan-666 4 0
Sir Arthur slays the competition... Twice!
(NOTE: There are a few calculations in this bio. Rather than interrupting the flow of the bio by posting them within the actual bio, they will be linked in the description!)

Real Name: Arthur
Aliases: Knight Arthur, Knight, Sir Arthur, Silver Knight, King Arthur
Debut: Ghosts N' Goblins (1985)
Height: Varies; Is usually the tallest character in GnG games/One of the largest in PxZ, and is 210 cm (6.88 feet) in Cannon Spike, while other crossover games portray him as a midget.
Weight: Unknown
Age: 28 years old
-To save his beloved Princess Prin-Prin, he has gone through the Demon Realm and has defeated....
 -Lucifer (AKA Loki)
 -The Demon Emperor Samael
-Goes to hell and back twice per game, with him cutting through the Demon World in bot
:iconzacmariozero:Zacmariozero 20 14
Just A Random Drawing by Spawn-Of-Satan-666 Just A Random Drawing :iconspawn-of-satan-666:Spawn-Of-Satan-666 5 0 Jason - Flatcolored by Spawn-Of-Satan-666 Jason - Flatcolored :iconspawn-of-satan-666:Spawn-Of-Satan-666 4 4
DEATH BATTLE: Stars and Strippers - Fight

Cin: lol zero is a lesbian
zero: true
Tucker: shut up its time for death battle
cin: im meant to say that you fuck
armstrong fucked them both and they reject and fight
Cin: hulk hogan is a talking cat who is poerful and zero is gay
tucker: where the fuck is edgeworth
zero: idk looks like 
cin: hulk hogan was 2 american
Zero from Mega Man X: hey what the fuck im meant to say the pun
tucker: ure not the real zero go fight metal sonic
cin: the winner is hulk hogan

winer picture
Real fight coming 4th of July.
:iconcinzero-fall2112:CinZero-Fall2112 6 9
Photoshop Drawing by Spawn-Of-Satan-666 Photoshop Drawing :iconspawn-of-satan-666:Spawn-Of-Satan-666 3 0
Prelude: Robin Battle Royale

:icontrident346:Trident346 14 5
Wonder Woman Review

Well, thank god Wonder Woman saved us from World War I! Now we can relax...for 21 years before WWII starts...but hey, at least another shield-toting hero might come around then, right?
Wonder Woman isn't a film that I particularly kept much attention to...and honestly, I don't think I'm the minority in that either. I mean, with the DCEU being the equivalent of a ruined panzer rumbling straight into Stalingrad, it seemed like this DC's jump on the MCU bandwagon didn't deserve a good film. That said, I loved Man of Steel, but Batman v Superman was overstuffed and Suicide Squad was downright rainy slog. My hopes for this film were deeper than a WWI trench.

Surprisingly enough however, the initial reaction to WW was more VE day than anything else, which did raise my hopes somewhat. However, since I had my share of cases where a movie was lauded after release but I didn't
:iconjamesbreaker15:jamesbreaker15 8 5
Batman 66 Sketch Cover by ChrisMcJunkin Batman 66 Sketch Cover :iconchrismcjunkin:ChrisMcJunkin 17 2
Red hood Comes Back to Life in DEATH BATTLE!!!

Red Hood:
-Real Name: Jason Todd
-First appearance: Batman #357
-Species: Human
-Affiliation: Bat Family, The Outlaws
-Age: 24
-Height: 6' 0"
-Hair color: Black
-Eye color: Blue
-Occupation: Vigilante

-Trained across the world
-Trained by the BATMAN
-Fended for himself for years on the street
-Defeated Two-Face on his first mission as Robin
-Possibly killed a rapist as Robin
-Managed to track down his birth mother
-His death haunts Batman, and keeps Batman going, I guess
-Somehow captured THE JOKER
-Gained control over several gangs in Gotham
-Defeated Tim Drake twice
-Came close to beating Batman
-Blew up a High School
-Rescued Duela Dent, though she got killed shortly after
-Participated in The Battle for the Cowl
-Defeated Catwoman in Battle for the Cowl
-Almost won the Battle for the Cowl, only being beaten by Nightwing
-Killed Flamingo by crushing him with a truck
-When transferred to a Gotham Prison, k
:icontrident346:Trident346 30 19
Injustice 2 Guest Character: Ridley


Real Name: Ridley
Debut: Metroid (August 1986)
Powers: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Durability, Flight, Sharpened Claws, Plasma Breath
Voice Actor: Steve Blum (Think kinda like Ares from GoW but with slight echo for a spacey feel)
Class: Power
Alias: The Cunning God of Death
Origin: The Space Pirates military commander Ridley is a force to be reckoned with his personal fleet striking fear into nearly all of Federation space. Despite his death after death at the hands of Samus Aran Ridley has never lost his reputation which served his undoing after his fleet accidentally cross paths with the infamous Brainiac and his Skull Ship on it's way towards earth. Ridley found his forces destroyed and his personal ship crashing into earth itself leaving the space dragon stranded on the doomed planet.
:iconbreloom-da-bassgod:Breloom-Da-Bassgod 21 12
Injustice 2 Guest Character: Venom

Real Name: Eddie Brock
Debut: The Amazing Spider-Man #300 (May 1988)
Powers: Alien Symbiote that acts as a separate "brain"; Can also utilize its amorphous appearance to create various weapons; Superhuman physicality
Voice Actor: Hank Azaria (Voiced Venom in the 90s Spider-Man cartoon)
Class: Power
Alias: The Symbiotic Villain of Spider-Man
Premier Skin: Carnage
Origin: The Venom used in this game is Eddie Brock. Anyways, Eddie Brock's life is nothing short of pure misery. Eddie's mother died during childbirth, and, as a result, his father became resentful, leading Eddie to constantly try and impress him. As an adult, he became a journalist for the Daily Globe, and was an overall successful reporter. Things all changed, however, when he mistakenly accuses Emil Gregg as the serial killer Sin-Eater. Spider-Man debunked Brock's article b
:iconzacmariozero:Zacmariozero 33 15
SSF2 Tiers Early Opinions by Andx1251 SSF2 Tiers Early Opinions :iconandx1251:Andx1251 2 0
Azarath Metrion Zinthos! Raven Enters DB!

Alias: Rachel Roth,Trigon's Daughter, Evil Avatar, Dark Raven, Pride, Witch
Height: 5' 10" (178 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (49 kg)
First Appearance: DC Comics Presents #26 -  Between Friend and Foe/Where Nightmares Begin/Whatever Happened to Sargon the Sorcerer

-Orchestrated the reorganization of the Teen Titans to help her defeat her father, Trigon
-Was a long time member of the Teen Titans and fought all kinds of threats
-While under Trigon's influence, she heralded his invasion of the universe and tormented the Teen Titans
-Was purified of Trigon's influence and managed to defeat Trigon
-Eventually broke free of Brother Blood's brainwashing and turned against him
-While possessed by her evil conscious, she implanted seeds of Trigon's influence in several superheroes
-Was able to return as her good self in the form of a golden spirit
-Helped the Titans captured by Cyberion and help him regain his sense of self as
:icondynamo1212:Dynamo1212 39 8




I think that this is a pretty good start to making new content. This is a half-hour short film I made with a few of my friends for the end of our Film Production class. I was the writer, a main actor, a main cinematographer, a main editor, and the main director of the project. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. Enjoy!…
Mark your calendars. I'm making a return to DA with something pretty special. I guarantee that all of you will be quite surprised by what it is. I'll see you then. :D
• My top 10 favorite films of 2016.

• An original short story. (Not at all DB-related and may possibly include illustations by my wonderful boyfriend :iconspawn-of-satan-666:.)

• A surprise DB before Spider-Man Vs Cole MacGrath.

• Two DBXs.

• If I'm able to see it again, an in-depth Logan analysis. (I have some very bold claims about the film after my first viewing, so I want if possible two more viewings to validate these claims.)

• Hopefully, a lot more after that.
So, I got to see Logan last night. It's actually hard to think of another film that kept me as hyped from announcement to release as this film has. Even though I was starting to get very antsy by the end of my waiting, it was well worth that wait.

Logan is definitely the best X-Men film ever made and may legitimately give The Dark Knight and The Avengers a run for their money as the best comic film ever made. We could be looking at the first comic book movie to get some serious awards season attention. (That's if the Academy gets its head out of its ass and realizes that comic book films can be just as impactful and thoughtful as any other type of film.)

The acting was amazing. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart give the performances of their careers. The atmosphere and tone was enchanting, keeping you sucked in for the entirety of the film. It was actually less of a superhero film and moreso of a modern western. The violence was absolutely brutal. Even more violent than Deadpool and a lot messier. Which, of course, is saying something.

And yes, I did cry at the end. You probably will too. The final shot of the film is absolutely haunting as well, and will stick with me as one of the most stunning, beautiful, poetic, and tragic endings to any film. Don't expect me to stop gushing about this film anytime soon.

As of right now, Logan is a definite 10/10 film.
Rest In Peace, Carrie Fisher. Out of all the tragic deaths this year, this was the first one where I literally cried and began shaking immediately after I heard about it. She always reminded me of my grandma, so it was like hearing she died. Completely and absolutely heartbroken. Get this motherfucking year over with.
Mark your calendars. I'm making a return to DA with something pretty special. I guarantee that all of you will be quite surprised by what it is. I'll see you then. :D


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